Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Speaking of things I find to be funny...

I love McSweeney's Lists. Here is just one example...

Rap Lyrics of the (17)90's, by Chloe Filson

- - - -
"To an extreme degree, I have amplified my voice and thus my sentiments—much as a vandal might."
- -
"Would that I were of greater stature, and could participate in the frivolities of the future."
- -
"The music I have created resounds loudly in my ears, causing me to offer a brief prayer of gratitude for the blessings given by my Lord and Saviour."
- -
"At one time, whilst reposing at my leisure—indeed—what, ho! I beheld that which did not accord with reason."
- -
"Before you are the mechanisms of amplification, and the amplification process is underway. Let us not squander our time; I urge you to appreciate the verses, herein amplified, which in their melody and metre naturally provoke jumping. Thus, jump, as you will."
- -
"I admit to a predilection for certain female attributes—to put it precisely, yet with due regard for delicacy, the buttocks. You other fathers shan't deny it."
- -
"Huzzah! There it is."

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